More DEC Stuff Coming

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 15:59:00 2003

I could sure use manuals for the Vaxstation 4000/60. Mine boots in two
stages and I KNOW there is a way to set the prom to just doggone BOOT.



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We would be very interested and could pay fair prices. Could we get a
of the gear?
Best regards,
Shannon Hoskins

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Subject: More DEC Stuff Coming

> All,
> Got this from the guy in Houston who supplied the VAX VLC machines.
> Contact him (best) or me if you are interested.
> >Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 23:33:16 -0500 (CDT)
> >From: (Charles Sandmann)
> >Subject: More DEC Stuff Coming
> ...
> >
> >I was just notified today by the ChemE department head at Rice that
> >is time to clean out one of the labs. It has mostly PDP stuff, some
> >VAX stuff, documentation, some media. KZ's going to make a rough
> >so we can estimate the volume. The VAX stuff has been used in the
> >year, but most of the PDP stuff has been off for 8 years or more, so
> >may need some TLC when being checked out the first time (if you don't
> >know about power supply caps, you probably shouldn't ask :-) I've
> >some promises for some of this stuff already - but if there is
> >you are dying for, it might be a good time to remind me. Between the
> >Rice stash and the AspenTech stash, there should be lots of machines
> >for everyone.
> >
> >If Intel IRMX (?) means anything to anyone, bug me. I think thats
> >system name - and they are rare (but not DEC stuff ...)
> >
> >I think we will keep the extra RS6000/AIX IBM systems for spare parts
> >for clio - but you never know...
> >
> >I know there are some VT103s (VT100 systems with built in dual TU58s
> >and QBUS backplanes) - lots of QBUS cards, an 11/23+ rack mount
> >BA123 based MicroVAX II with ESDI and RQDX3/RD54 disks. I think the
> >11/23+ has an RQDX1 with RD51 drive (don't cringe!), dual RX02s
> >(I have a requirement to be able to read some media on these first!)
> >
> >There is a requirement to take lots of pictures for our scrapbook :-)
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