ClassicCmp Auction Site?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 15:59:56 2003

I had brought a similar request to Jeff Sharp via a telephone call a while
back for implementation. I thought it was a "done deal". My plan was to not
create an "auction site" persay, because that is a rather huge task, and
because - well, there IS ebay. So instead, I had asked him to create an
"available" site. It would only be open to list members (password
protected). On the site they could list all their spare inventory, and/or
equipment they were willing to trade. That way, people could perhaps find
things they were looking for more easily from other listmembers, and work
their own deals (cash or trade), without going through ebay.

My vote is of course to proceed with this idea, any thoughts?

Jay West
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Subject: Re: ClassicCmp Auction Site?

> Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> >Forgive me if this has already been discussed today; I don't have time at
> >the moment to scan the entire thread.
> >
> >With this latest round of discussion about eBay, the thought crossed my
> >that maybe we need our own WWW auction site. It would only contain
> >computers and related items, and it could be designed in such a way that
> >would please a large number of list members and colleagues, including
> >who avoid eBay. Could I hear some opinions on this, please?
> >
> >My WWW-related programming skills -- not my traditional forte -- have
> >seriously improved since the last time we discussed ideas for the CC
> >In fact, I've been doing it for money at my workplace for the last few
> >weeks. For several months now, I've been increasingly interested in
> >implementing some of the ideas I've had for ClassicCmp improvements, and
> >people think it is a good idea, an auction subsite would make for a very
> >interesting project. Don't worry; there are no weblogs up my sleeve. :-)
> >
> >
> >
> Personally, I think that this is an excellent idea. It wouldn't have to
> be at all elaborate. Just some webspace to advertise one's 'spares'.
> For "auction" it could easily be 'best offer by...' A true sealed bid
> auction!
> The VW bus community does this on their website at: <>
> Of course, it would require someone willing to spend the time to
> administer it.
> Jim
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