free pc stuff (Salford, UK)

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Sat Apr 26 10:23:01 2003

Hi, am trying to do a clear-out, and have a hefty box containing the
following available FOC to anybody who wants to collect it, from Salford,
UK, else it goes in the bin... There is nothing particularly noteworthy
here, btw, but it might interest someone.

10 x 486 motherboards, some with processors, at least one with RAM. AT form
6 x Pentium 1 motherboards, AT form factor
1 x Socket 7 motherboard, ATX form factor. works sometimes..
4 x ISA internal modems
1 x PCI internal modem
1 x ISA game port card.

All are from stipped down PCs, so may or may not work (though apart from
the ATX board, I'd be pretty confident of them.)

Also have a mountain of Floppy and IDE (ata33) cables whomever can pick
through. I'll also probably be adding to this pile as I work my way
through the boxes. I know there are processors and RAM of similar vintage,
not to
mention SCSI cards, network and video, etc, I can add to it. I have cases
and some (working but 'need adjustment') monitors too I can throw in.

If anybody is interested, drop me an email on robert at irrelevant dot com
or ring on 07801 809928. I don't want to get into mailing individual bits out
I am afraid, this is mainly an effort to make some space so I can work on
a new bedroom! :-)


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