free pc stuff (Salford, UK)

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 01:45:02 2003

Damn, and the SCSI/RAM/CPU's/etc. sounded good for a minute. Too bad it's
in UK. Shipping would be a nightmare.

At 11:18 AM 4/26/2003, you wrote:
>Hi, am trying to do a clear-out, and have a hefty box containing the
>following available FOC to anybody who wants to collect it, from Salford,
>UK, else it goes in the bin... There is nothing particularly noteworthy
>here, btw, but it might interest someone.
>10 x 486 motherboards, some with processors, at least one with RAM. AT
>form factor.
>6 x Pentium 1 motherboards, AT form factor
>1 x Socket 7 motherboard, ATX form factor. works sometimes..
>4 x ISA internal modems
>1 x PCI internal modem
>1 x ISA game port card.
>All are from stipped down PCs, so may or may not work (though apart from
>the ATX board, I'd be pretty confident of them.)
>Also have a mountain of Floppy and IDE (ata33) cables whomever can pick
>through. I'll also probably be adding to this pile as I work my way
>through the boxes. I know there are processors and RAM of similar
>vintage, not to
>mention SCSI cards, network and video, etc, I can add to it. I have cases
>and some (working but 'need adjustment') monitors too I can throw in.
>If anybody is interested, drop me an email on robert at irrelevant dot com
>or ring on 07801 809928. I don't want to get into mailing individual bits out
>I am afraid, this is mainly an effort to make some space so I can work on
>a new bedroom! :-)

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