Depressing realization...

From: James B. DiGriz <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 06:36:00 2003

VaxCat wrote:
> So I pick up this spiffy complete II gs system the other night.
> While testing it, I pull out some of my old Apple disks and find
> zlink.
> I hook up my old Everex 2400 modem, run zlink, type in ATDT and...
> (pause)
> There's nothing left to call.
> Anthony Clifton

Try 1-912-653-5138.

DragonsWeb Labs BBS (just started)
MBSE 0.37.3 (Linux-i386)
General Science, Engineering, and Technology BBS, with a subemphasis on
classic computers and computing, including BBS'ing. TI 99=4/A and Myarc
9640 support, others planned. Fido 1:123/755

The USBBS List has more dialable boards, of course. They're out there,
just harder to find now. Telnet-only BBSes are growing by leaps and
bound right now, but I felt I needed a dialup for people with old
systems to use.

I have a working IIe, a IIc, and a Mac SE here, among all the other
stuff, including a mini (TI DS990/10). Not a lot of Apple software, but
at some point, I'm going to try to link as many of the old systems as I
can into the BBS and provide some kind of terminal interface to them.

So your despondence is maybe a little premature. :-)

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