DSD 880 Q Bus RL02 emulator

From: Don Mitchell <runtime_at_wzrd.com>
Date: Sun Apr 27 08:48:01 2003

I have a Data Systems Design DSD 880 Q-Bus drive.

It dates from 1982 or 1983, and is a RL02 emulator (as I
remember); there's a big old 8" drive (Shugart, I think) in
a 19" wide rack mount. Also, there's a Q-Bus interface.

The last time I used it was maybe 1985, but more likely
1984, and it worked. It could be set to look like an RL02
with 5 mb but also you could set it up to give something
like 7 or 8 mb, as I remember.

A quick look in the old documentation box doesn't show
anything there for it.

I have no Q-Bus equipment on which to test it; I wouldn't
bet on its working at the moment, but it might. Storage
conditions have been, let's say, casual.

I'd be happy to let it go for ACTUAL SHIPPING COST. It's
located in Buffalo, NY.

Don Mitchell
Received on Sun Apr 27 2003 - 08:48:01 BST

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