HP 5036A microprocessor lab

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sun Apr 27 11:11:01 2003

Joe wrote:
>I intended to post it and a lot of other HP related web pages on Jay's
wesite but I ran into too many problems with his site (it wouldn't work with
any of the FTP programs that I had, the directories couldn't be found, the
passwords didn't work, etc) so none of them ever got posted.

Huh? I'd like more info on this Joe.

1) Our servers never have supported FTP, and never did. You have to use sFTP
instead. There are plenty of shareware programs that do sFTP just fine. We
have about 23 webservers, all are identical. Most of those webservers host
around 100-175 business sites, and we haven't had any problems with sFTP,
nor complaints from customers. We don't allow FTP, and require sFTP, for
security reasons. If our customers are transmitting their passwords in
cleartext (FTP), then their account can be used to gain access to the

2) Directories couldn't be found and passwords didn't work? Hummm

Please drop me a line and give me the particulars, and we'll get to the
bottom of it I can assure you! Hosting sites isn't just something I do for a
hobby - It's my profession. If there is something that you can't get
working, please let me know.

Jay West
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