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From: Ernest <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 10:24:01 2003

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> I had brought a similar request to Jeff Sharp via a telephone call a while
> back for implementation. I thought it was a "done deal". My plan
> was to not
> create an "auction site" persay, because that is a rather huge task, and
> because - well, there IS ebay. So instead, I had asked him to create an
> "available" site. It would only be open to list members (password
> protected). On the site they could list all their spare inventory, and/or
> equipment they were willing to trade. That way, people could perhaps find
> things they were looking for more easily from other listmembers, and work
> their own deals (cash or trade), without going through ebay.

I like the this idea also rather than a formal sort of auction site. I have
many items that I aren't worth much money but I know that someone, sometime
will want them, and if there is a site that that I can post these items to
for others to view at their leisure, then I can just post them and forget
about it. Later, if someone wants them, they can contact me about it even if
it's months later because there aren't any deadlines or ending dates. You
post the items, and they stay there until you remove them (within reason, of
course.) This kind of site might not be a big money maker but it would be
very useful to the community.

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