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Date: Mon Apr 28 00:08:00 2003

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003, steve wrote:

> Huh? You apparently haven't comprehended what I said, it doesn't make a
> difference if you have a sniping service that can realiably bid .0001
> seconds before a auction ends. If someone bids 5 seconds before a
> auction that beats your previous bid price you have no way to reenter a
> new bid before that 5 seconds it up, ain't going to happen, and thats
> why ebay is a "sealed bid" auction model.

I take exception to your claim that one has no way to enter a bid within
the last 5 seconds if someone tops yours. There are numerous ways to
achieve this, with the lowest tech way being to have multiple windows open
with different bids ready to be submitted while you constantly refresh the
item page.

Sure, when you get down to the last .0001 second it is pretty much
impossible, but 5 seconds is a lot of time.

Again, while I agree that the basic premise of your description of eBay
auctions can be correct under the right circumstances, it is not a sealed
bid auction format.


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