Blow or Suck - Which is Best?

From: David Holland <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 06:06:00 2003


This is what I do, when I find some nice bit of old hardware that's full
of dust.

Use a nice _SOFT_ 1" paintbrush, and canned air.

The canned air doesn't seem to have enough pressure to cause any real
damage, (be careful however not to turn the can over, so the liquid
comes out.) The paintbrush knocks all the dust loose anyways, so it
doesn't take much to get rid of it either.

There are rumors of folks here using a dish washer, but I'm not brave
enough to try that. (Soap and water on the plastic parts works pretty
well though.)


On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 17:46, Lee Courtney wrote:
> I need to remove several years of accumulated dust and
> debris from the inside of an HP3000 Series 40. I will
> remove the boards and vacuum the inside of the cabinet
> (size of a washing machine), but was wondering what is
> the best way to remove dust and dirt from the PC cards
> in a way that will not damage them - mechanically or
> electrically.
> My default would be to clean with a shop vacuum, but I
> was wondering if that might cause static damage to the
> components on the board? Would a high pressure air
> compressor be a better choice?
> Thanks,
> Lee Courtney
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