How to build a working digital computer book

From: The Design Fort DTP <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 08:05:00 2003

Hi Bryan,

well, that's no secret, I found it on ebay... :) It was "buried" somewhere
in the "wrong" category.


on 4/24/03 3:04 PM, Bryan Blackburn at wrote:

> I want to know where you are getting this stuff!! (So I can try to get
> there before you next time!)
> -Bryan
> The Design Fort DTP wrote:
>> I recently acquired the awesome book "How to build a working digital
>> computer" by Alcosser, Phillips and Wolk. Within the next year (as time
>> allows) I want to (re)construct this computer.
>> I know this book was discussed on here before. Maybe there are other people
>> out there now who are in the process of building it or built it before. I
>> would like to get in touch with anybody who has experience building it.
>> The only website I found on so far that shows a built "Paperclip computer"
>> is this one:
>> If anybody knows any other pictures of a built "Paperclip computer" on the
>> net, please let me know.
>> Greetings
>> Herbert
>> Computer Museum of Nova Scotia
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