shugart 900-2 and 902 disk drives?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Aug 1 12:35:01 2003

>From: Joe <>
> Does anyone know exactly what these are and how they differ from the
>800/801 drives? The general specs( 8" FH 800k) are the same.
> Joe

Hi Joe
 The 900 series have a different connector for the cable.
Instead of a .100 50 pin, it uses a .156 44 pin connector.
I don't know about the 902 though.
 As I recall, it should be similar to the 800's. I have
a 900 series drive in my Nicolet NC-80. If you have an
extra, I've been looking to expand my machine to a dual
floppy. Doing disk copies are a real pain. The machine
has only 12Kx20 of core memory. Not much room for a
bunch of disk buffers.
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