Research Machines network?

From: Bryan Blackburn <>
Date: Fri Aug 1 13:14:00 2003

I have no idea, but even if you are wrong by half, the amount of
reflection on the line will be negligible. For example, a source
impedance of 50 Ohm, and load impedance of 100 Ohms, produces an SWR of
2:1 and a reflection coefficient of 0.3333. The square of 0.3333 is
0.1111, or 1/9, fractional. This means that eight-ninths of the power
from your network card would actually be delivered to the load (minus
any losses in the cable). The remaining one-ninth is reflected from the
load and is only a minor source interference to the data on the line.


Jules Richardson wrote:

>I don't suppose anybody happens to know the right value of terminating
>resistors to use on a Research Machines network? I was thinking of doing a
>health check on my old 480Z fileserver, but can't remember what values I used
>last time. I'm almost certain they were 50 ohm, but it'd be nice to know for
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