How to break into a XENIX system?

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Aug 1 13:18:00 2003

> There's ten serial ports on it and they're numbered J20 to J32.
> You'd think that the system port would be the lowest or maybe the
> highest numbered port but Nooo, it's J31!

My NCR Unix Tower has two 'special' serial ports on the back; ISTR that port B
is the console, and port A is for a remote diagnostic modem. It's possible your
system has a similar I suppose, and J32 is for a modem...

> There's lots of bad blocks and such on the drive. I'm wondering if I should
> just install iRMX on it and forget it. Comments?

In situations like that I tend to pull the drive, drop it in a Linux system and
grab a raw image of the disk to a file. At least then I have the data, even if
accessing it can be a little complex. Format the drive then by all means, but
if it has bad blocks it sounds like it might not be too healthy anyway...



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