Any Procomm experts out there?

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 16:40:00 2003


    I need some help with Procomm. I've been trying to log onto an Intel
320 computer that runs iRMX. I have a terminal connected to the Intel and
I've been able run the diagnostics and to load the OS and boot up but
didn't have the correct account names or passwors to log into the system. I
searched the net last night and found some iRMX manuals. Read them and
found a couple of default account names and passwords. Today I tried them
on the 320. The Superuser password didn't work but one of the regular
account names and password did work so I was able to get into the system.
:-) But once it logged in it executed the user profile and that changed the
terminal setting so that all I got was garbage. :-( (I'll go back to
reading and see if there's a way to stop it from executing the user
profile.) I also tried using a PC with Procomm as a terminal. Procomm will
emulate a lot of terminals and I thought that maybe one of them would
display properly. But I could never get Procomm to work. It always said
"Off-line" and I could never get anything to display on the screen. Data
was going out to the computer and data was coming back from it but none of
it showed up on the screen or in the log file. Any ideas? I'm guessing
some kind of handshaking problem. I connected up my data display boxs with
about six LEDs connected to the most important signal lines and everything
looked fine so it must be one of the less common signals. I used the same
cable and connected it to a terminal and set it for the same baud rate, #
of data and stop bits, parity etc and it worked fine. Also tried another
cable and it worked for the terminal but not for the PC with Procomm. I
have used this same PC with Procomm and the same cable to successfully
connect to other older Intel boxs with no trouble. Anyone have any idea why
Procomm doesn't recognize this system?

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