ECMA 46 tape standard

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 17:11:00 2003

On Aug 5, 21:43, Tony Duell wrote:
> > I've been asked about a quarter-inch tape standard from 1976,
> > ECMA-46.

> I have here the manuals (user and technical) for a Penny and Giles
> Logger' -- actually a QIC drive with a RS232 or current loop
> The user manuals says
> Recording Media : DC300A, DC300XL or equivalent 1/4in. data cartridge
> conforming to ISO4057 (ECMA 46)
> Recording Format : 1600 bpi phase encoded data to ISO 4057
> What I don't know is wherte ISO 4057 and ECMA 46 are essentially the
> thing, or whether the latter just specifies the physical form of the
> cartridge (The manual could be interpretted either way).

Neither do I, offhand, but virtually all the ECMA standards are
available online. Unlike some standards bodies, the ECMA believe they
should be accessible if people are to adhere to them. Anyway, ECMA 46
is at

BTW, many ECMA standards were adopted verbatim by ISO, so if you need a
copy of an ISO standard, and you know there's a corresponding ECMA one,
just download the ECMA version.

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