Any Procomm experts out there?

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 18:49:00 2003

At 07:23 PM 8/5/03 -0400, you wrote:
> Under Options->System Options->Modem Connection...->Modem Connection
>Properties...->Use Hardware Handshaking is the option for hardware
>handshaking. Out of the box Procomm has hardware handshaking enabled, so
>this could possibly be your problem. I usually leave the three checkboxes
>unchecked, except in the rarest of cases.
> I would also make sure you're connected to the com port, and not through a
>modem connection (down in the status line at the bottom, 3rd box from the
>left, you can click to select the com port. direct connect-Com1 is most
> Sorry if any of this is obvious (like the com ports). I dunno what your
>familiarity is with ProComm.

  Sounds like you have a newer version than mine. Mine is 1.1B IIRC. It has
boxs that say Yes or No or you can enter things like Half or Full in the
Duplex entry. It has two places for handshaking, one is for software
(XON/XOFF) and the other for hardware (CTS/DTR). You can turn each on or
off individually. I've tried every combination of Off and On but it doesn't
make a difference. I am connected to the corrrect port (2) if I switch it
to Comm 1 the various ready lights on the breakout box all go out.

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