ECMA 46 tape standard

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 18:55:01 2003

I am pretty sure, though that this drive is not QIC11 (I did wonder about
coverting it to that format once many years ago as I needed a QIC11 drive
for the PERQ).

Archive developed the movable head serpentine recording techinique that
begat QIC11 (and the 9 and 15 track formats) MANY years after 3M developed
the 1/4" DC300 series tape cartridge. Quantex and other vendors were using
this mechanism in the mid 70's (Tek 405x's, IBM 51xx's) with multi-track
fixed position head stacks, and many different recording formats. 
This appears to be yet another area where there is a lack of documentation
for someone trying to recover old data from decaying magnetic media.
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