Reading a VMS CD-ROM for SIMH under Windows?

From: David Barnes <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 21:23:36 2003

Guys, it gets better... I've got a working ISO and can boot to the
SYSBOOT> prompt (b/10000001 dua3) from sys1 on the CD but the system
Fails to boot further reporting DUA3 (CD/ISO) has been write locked
And mount verification is in progress..

I have seen this reported elsewhere for the 7.2 hobbyist kit..
So what's the fix?? How do I boot a vax without a vax (simh)

Do I need to beg a dummy (minimal) system disk file from someone?(DUA0)


David at bitsolve dot com

My RRD43 reads CDR's fine.

BTW, I know it was asked, but not sure if it was answered. I have read
VMS install CD's into PC ISO files using Nero, then used them with SIMH
to create a VMS system from scratch. I've also read the same discs with
Easy CD Creator (don't remember which version) and although the files
were slightly different sizes, they still worked fine.

I know I gave someone on this forum (was it you, Ethan?) some ISO's...
They were made with Easy CD Creator.

   - Bob

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--- Antonio Carlini <> wrote:
> I've not actually attempted to use the results with SIMH, so all I'm
> reporting is that CDRWin is reading *something* from the CD! I'd burn
> the result to a CDRW if I thought any of my RRD4x devices could cope.

I already have verified that my RRD42 does _not_ like CD-R media. :-(

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