Reading a VMS CD-ROM for SIMH under Windows?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Wed Aug 6 08:47:01 2003

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, David Barnes wrote:

> Guys, it gets better... I've got a working ISO and can boot to the
> SYSBOOT> prompt (b/10000001 dua3) from sys1 on the CD but the system
> Fails to boot further reporting DUA3 (CD/ISO) has been write locked
> And mount verification is in progress..
> I have seen this reported elsewhere for the 7.2 hobbyist kit..
> So what's the fix?? How do I boot a vax without a vax (simh)
> Installation?
Well.. depending on what you did and how you configured SimH, we
may have a case where VMS *believes* it is running on a regular
disk, rather than a CDROM (RO disk.)

I'd do

att rq0 cdrom-device /TYPE:RRD42

or somesuch to make sure it knows it's booting off an RRD42, rather
than some RAxx or RDxx drive. Also, You can boot that drive with
the usual sequence (boot du3 in >>>) and don't need the /1 switch,
causing it to go into entertainment (...) mode.

*worst* case, create an RAxx image file, copy the CDROM contents
into it (dd if=/dev/cdrom of=disk.dsk) and then boot... even though
it doesnt make sense, you now boot off a R/W "CDROM", so VMS wont

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