Genuine IBM ISA cards/EPROMS available

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Date: Wed Aug 6 21:58:00 2003

Ive got a bunch of IBM 8bit ISA cards available. I've got
floppy controllers
ASYNC card
full length prototype cards
host and extender cards for the expansion chassis
parallel card
a '32kb mem cd.' <?>
keyboard interface card for a 3270pc
something called a keyboard mux interface
MAXIMIZER multifunction card from sigma designs rev 3.0
dozens of 64-256k memory exp cards

Toshiba 2756d-20 EPROMS labeled with BIOS-related notes
AMD EPROMS 6231572 a33289 8720fp labeled with IBM MACH PN11F5062
TI 2764jl-25
tmm23256p-5879 copyright IBM
intel d27256-25
AMD 6212424
some labeled with IBM PN 25F9523 1990
Some more labeled IBM MACH PN 11F6368
Intel 6833145 8425 L4289089S
AMD 27256DC

I was told some of these chips are BIOSes for the XT, or AT or the XT/286
model although I have no way of telling. Any interest in this stuff? I only want
enough to cover shipping and maybe the cost of a soda on the way to the post

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