Genuine IBM ISA cards/EPROMS available

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Thu Aug 7 02:04:00 2003

On Wed, 6 Aug 2003 wrote:

> Ive got a bunch of IBM 8bit ISA cards available. I've got
> floppy controllers
> ASYNC card
> full length prototype cards
> host and extender cards for the expansion chassis


> I was told some of these chips are BIOSes for the XT, or AT or the
> XT/286 model although I have no way of telling. Any interest in this
> stuff? I only want enough to cover shipping and maybe the cost of a soda
> on the way to the post office.


I'm sure there is some interest in these kinds of parts. These are some of
the types of parts I often look for.


You never did respond to my emails about our last transaction, which I
sent over a year and a half ago. I also sent an email to the list here,
but without mentioning you name, in hopes you would at least respond

[For the benefit of others, Dave sent me a box of 5.25" floppy drives,
some MFM/ESDI hard drives, and some other assorted bits.]

Had the drives and parts arrived in good condition, I would not have
really minded that the shipping costs came out to be nearly twice what I
had originally expected to pay, but that wasn't the case...

Because you failed to pad the drives and simply packed them loose in the
boxes you sent, a large number of them were crushed and heavily damaged.
At least one of the boxes had the bottom fall out during transit, and it
had been retaped with USPS branded packing tape. My postal carrier was
even surprised at how poorly the items had been packed.

Even though you didn't pack the drives properly, I still reimbursed you
for postage, but it really bothers me that I paid in excess of $50 for
what now mostly amounts to scrap plastic, aluminum, and pc boards. I had
plans for some of the drives, especially the large ESDI drives, but those
have large dents in their HDA covers, and I would be surprised of the
platters were not damaged.

Now all I really wanted to hear from you a year and a half was an apology,
and maybe some assurance that you would be much more careful in packing
items for others in the future, but you didn't even bother to respond.

I really hope this email or even the last one I sent to the list will
cause you to be more careful in the way you pack items for others.

Caveat Emperor.

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