HP Integral questions

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Aug 7 05:49:01 2003

At 04:57 PM 8/5/03 -0700, you wrote:
>> 1) What's the space on top, under the printer cover, for? I've found the
>I've only seen it used for mouse/cable storage.

  That's exactly what HP says that it's for. It's just space left over from
stuffing a MOL standard size ThinkJet prointer on top of the Integral.

>> 2) One of the cards I have in the machine is the interface for the 82904
>> expansion unit.
>Cool! I've got the expansion unit, but can't recall if I have the
>82904 card or not. I definitely don't have a cable for the unit :(
>> 4) A really long shot, but that expansion unit card is taking up a slot
>> that could be better used for something else. So does anyone know where I
>> might find a serial card (either RS232 or current loop, preferably the
>> former) or a GPIO card?


>I've seen serial cards (I think), and a combo SCSI/serial card from a
>third party ... I'll try to find the info.

   I have a combination serial and memory card. Not for sale.

>> I also think I need a hard disk. I have whichever version of the 9133 is
>> around 20Mbytes here, which I believe should work. However, I have
>> questions about that too

    I think most of the HP-IB disk drives will work on the IPC even though
they're not listed for it. All the ones that I've tried will work on it and
I'm using a 7958 on mine.


>I could trade a hard drive for the 82904 card :)
>Stan Sieler
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