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The last post prompted a trip to the dictionary (Websters New Universal Unabridged [1983]), where "myriad of ..." (any indefinitely large number) is indeed listed.

Looking at adjacent entries, I did pick up a new, related word, the metric prefix "myria" (10,000) as in myriagram (10,000 grams), myrialiter (10,000 liters) and myriameter (10,000 meters).

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--- Nick Steel <nick_at_tcns.co.uk> wrote:
> As long as we're bitching, the hairs on the back of
> my neck stand up
> (all too frequently, as it's currently in vogue)
> when people try to be
> erudite (but prove the reverse) by referring to: "A
> myriad of...".

"A myriad of ..." is correct usage(although maybe not
preferred), myriad can be used as a noun, like " A
herd of cattle".
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