media question (MO and tape)

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Thu Aug 7 10:07:00 2003

> My father was emptying his office and broght home a box full of back ups.
> I have readers for most, except the following 2 :
> Sony 5 1/4 Magneto Optical Disk EDM-1DA1s Rewritable
> Maxell HS-8/112 Helical-Scan 8mm Data Cartridge
> Question : what drives would be able to read these media? Would they be
> easily procurable for cheap?

According to the Maxell tape is compatible with Exabyte. Physically, that is. Whether you can read it or not, depends on the software used to write the tape(s)

eBay has some drives for sale at the moment (search for "optical disc") but I cannot see if they are fore 5.25" discs

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