Grammar, was RE: Work In KC Area?

From: Larry Laurel <>
Date: Fri Aug 8 09:24:30 2003

The word "prolly" in written communication is like fingernails on the
blackboard of my mind. I prolly shouldn't get so upset about it.


"Besides a mathematical inclination, an exceptionally good mastery of one's
native tongue it the most vital asset of a competent programmer."
        - Edsger W. Dijkstra

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The lastest ones are "have gotten" and "enthused", which have become
commonplace in our English.

May Edwin Neumann have mercy on our fractured words.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO

> My pet peeve is the use of "I've got..", "You've got...", "They've got..",
> etc.
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> My pet peeve is people who don't know the difference between your and
> you're.
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> "Steven Elling" <> wrote:
>> I wish I would of known that before I went to DeVRY. I would of just
>> went
>> to Goodland VoTech and saved a bunch of money in tuition and living
>> expenses. Plus, I would of been better off.
> I suggest that a bit broader education, which includes some English to
> go
> along with the technical classes, would _have_ served you better yet.
> You used the word 'of' four times above, and three of (heh) them should be
> 'have':
> 'would have known'
> 'would have just gone' (not 'went')
> 'would have been'
> There. I'm the freaking Grammar Nazi.
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