Data Systems Design DSD-880 8" floppy and Hard Drive

From: Joe Heck <heck_at_NEU.EDU>
Date: Fri Aug 8 09:24:35 2003

Hi there,
    Read with great curiosity the thread about the above. I own 3
and 1 DSD880S8. All are Q-bus. I have the original manuals, and
the floppies that came with them. Also have the RT-11 v4 and v5
drivers. We used them at one of my old jobs for quite some time. If
have any questions about them, feel free to email me.

On another note, the 880S8 seems to be dead, but I don't know if it is
the drive or the electronics. The Q-bus controller is fine, as is the
as they run the D30 just fine. So I am looking for either a good drive
a good S8 box to test with. Anything like that in the group of units
you were
talking about?

Joe Heck
Received on Fri Aug 08 2003 - 09:24:35 BST

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