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From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Fri Aug 8 11:57:00 2003

>From: hansp <>
>Al Kossow wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the companies whose archives are being
>> turned over to CBI, The Computer History Museum, etc.
>> saved the manuals and the photographs, but none of the
>> software. :-<
>A sad fact of life. Here in France the FEB tries to preserve all that is
>connected with Bull and its associated companies. They keep machines,
>manuals and other documentation. when I asked about software I got a
>blank stare :-(
> -- hbp

 This is why I think it is important to find ways to move
data from and to old media. This is why I've been working
on the methods for transfering data to and from the H89
hard sectored disk. I can take advantage of the higher density
storage of the newer media and still restore the software
to a media that can be used by the older machine.
 It is best to save as much older media as possible but one
also needs to be realistic. A room full of tapes can easily
be put onto a single disk drive of today. First level of importance
is to save the information.
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