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From: hansp <>
Date: Fri Aug 8 12:19:00 2003

Dwight K. Elvey wrote:

> Hi

> It is best to save as much older media as possible but one
> also needs to be realistic. A room full of tapes can easily
> be put onto a single disk drive of today. First level of importance
> is to save the information.

I absolutely agree. We have a boatload of tapes reels, tape cassettes of
different descritptions, floppy disks of all sizes. But the most
important part, the data on those media is normally ignored. I hear the
comment "Why do we need ANOTHER box of floopies, we already have 20" -
makes my blood boil.... I really must get round to starting to read
those tapes.

After we retores our PDP-9, I strated looking amongst the 100 or so
DECtapes we had and found a pair that appeared, from their labels, to
contain a copy of DOS-15. Now DOS-15 was considered lost forever.
Anyways to cut a long story short, we managed to recover the data and
got DOS-15 opeartional again on the SIMH simulator. For more details
read Bo Supniks paper here :

     -- hbp
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