ECMA 46 tape standard

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Date: Fri Aug 8 14:55:01 2003

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> Unlike some standards bodies, the ECMA believe they
> should be accessible if people are to adhere to them.
Unlike the SSFDC group (responsible for SmartMedia cards) and the IEC, then.
I applaude the CompactFlash group for their forethought in releasing the
specifications for CF to the world free-of-charge. SSFDC have released the
8MB and lower specs, but you have to pay $1000 per year (IIRC) for a copy of
the 128MB standards. CompactFlash cards are, FWICT, IDE flashdrives in a very
small case. The internal controller makes them easy to use, but they do tend
to be a bit expensive.
Don't get me started on the IEC - I wanted copies of the "standardised
symbols for electrical equipment" (IEC417, aka IEC60417) - the "I" and "O"
power symbols, etc. A Japanese educational institution had all the main
symbols on their website for free download. I suspect IEC had something to do
with the removal of that site...

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