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From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sat Aug 9 18:15:01 2003

> Whilst Browsing - ran across this fascinating - and well designed! -
professionally produced by an advertising agency
> group of pages on IBM's site. Includes a whole section on "IBM Dress"
> rather tongue-in-cheekingly called 'The Way We Wore'...
THAT part is at:

Ah, yes. IBM, where they "value diversity"

Go through "The Way We Wore", where they insist that the IBM clothing has
NEVER been "uniform", and count (except for the last CONTRIVED and POSED
shot in 1997) how many men you see who are NOT wearing a white shirt,
necktie, and suit. IBM has ALWAYS been well known for their suppression
of individuality, and their racial and cultural tokenism.

Ah, yes. IBM. where they "value diversity"
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