Pro_Log STD BUS manuals needed

From: Everett Feldt <>
Date: Sun Aug 10 19:42:24 2003

Did you ever get the manuals below?

I have the following manuals:

7502 SPST Relay
7387 Floppy Disk
7304 Dual USART
7880 Z80 Processor
7507 General Purpose Interface
7803A Z80 Processor
7303 Keyboard/Display

Let me know if you need them.

I am looking for the following manuals:


Everett Feldt

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Hello, all:

        I bought a STDBUS instrumentation computer off of eBay last week for
$9, and it has some interesting boards in it. Unfortunately, the boards are
mostly older Pro-Log models and information is sparse. I've made contact
with the "legacy" manufacturer who wants $50 per manual for two of the
boards. I found information for two of them on VersaLogic's Web site.

        So, here's the list of boards. If any one has original Pro-Log
manuals for these that they can copy and send me, please contact me

        Pro-Log# Description
        7303 DSKY (Display/keyboard module)
        7502 Relay output module (8 relays)
        7605 Programmable I/O
        7806-1 Z80 CPU card (I have copy of VersaLogic's manual)
Other P-L boards from another system I have:

        Pro-Log# Description
        7805-1 8085 CPU card
        7604A 64-bit digital I/O (I have copy of VersaLogic's

        Thanks again for any help.

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