new member - 8008 and S100 interests

From: Jack Rubin <>
Date: Sun Aug 10 19:49:31 2003


I've been cleaning out the attic and unboxing a bunch of stuff I stored
away in the mid-'80s. I've got seveal 8008 systems - Mark8, RGS008,
SCELBI-8H, Mod8, MCS-8 - that I'd like to get running. I also have a lot
of related docs, including newsletters and manuals that I will be happy
to share as time permits.

I also want to get a few S100 "systems" together - Imsai/ProcTech,
Cromemco, TDL, Morrow and Godbout. I'm looking for a TDL SMB board,
Cromemco Tuart and Godbout CPU-Z for starters. Maybe an H8 as well.

I've been putting some stuff - mostly MITS - up on eBay to pay for parts
and tools, but I'd be interested in hearing about needs/wants/trades if
you have any of the above. Would also be interested in an S100 6809 card
if one was ever made.

Jack Rubin
Wilmette, Illinois
Received on Sun Aug 10 2003 - 19:49:31 BST

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