New To List with NEC Multispeed HD Questions

From: Robert Little <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:30:48 2003

Howdy All,
I just joined the list and am the owner of a small
(though my wife would dispute that) collection of
computers. I collect both PC's and Macintoshes, and
thoroughly enjoy all. One thing I seem to be getting a
lot of lately are laptops. At last count, I have 9 of
them, ranging from my beloved (and frequently used)
Tandy Model 102 to my Toshiba Satellite 133. One of my
latest acquisitions, though, I would like to get
running urgently. My computers actually have to work,
and do so all of the time!
I acquired an NEC Multispeed HD. The main battery in
it is gone (like to rebuild one, obviously), but the
machine does run (incidently, the option for removing
the LCD screen? That's great!). The problem is, I get
a 1701 error on HD startup, and the ROM based programs
can't be found. I think I may need to run a setup
program, but it can't be accessed either. Does anyone
out there know what might be the problem? Or, more to
the point, does anyone have the files needed to get
this gem running?


PS -I also acquired, in the same batch, a Toshiba
T1200XE with a dead backlight. Any idea where I might
be able to find parts?

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