New To List with NEC Multispeed HD Questions

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Aug 12 07:20:01 2003


   I picked up a HD several years ago and IIRC I had exactly the same
problems with it so it seems to be a common problem. I'm guessing that it
may have a CMOS memory in it and that it's lost it's settings. I KNOW part
of the main memory is S RAM and in non-volatile so there's definitely a
backup battery in there. (I owned an origninal MultiSpeed when they were
new.) I never dug into the HD to try and fix it and I don't remember what I
did with the two of them.


At 05:47 PM 8/10/03 -0700, you wrote:
>Howdy All,
>I just joined the list and am the owner of a small
>(though my wife would dispute that) collection of
>computers. I collect both PC's and Macintoshes, and
>thoroughly enjoy all. One thing I seem to be getting a
>lot of lately are laptops. At last count, I have 9 of
>them, ranging from my beloved (and frequently used)
>Tandy Model 102 to my Toshiba Satellite 133. One of my
>latest acquisitions, though, I would like to get
>running urgently. My computers actually have to work,
>and do so all of the time!
>I acquired an NEC Multispeed HD. The main battery in
>it is gone (like to rebuild one, obviously), but the
>machine does run (incidently, the option for removing
>the LCD screen? That's great!). The problem is, I get
>a 1701 error on HD startup, and the ROM based programs
>can't be found. I think I may need to run a setup
>program, but it can't be accessed either. Does anyone
>out there know what might be the problem? Or, more to
>the point, does anyone have the files needed to get
>this gem running?
>PS -I also acquired, in the same batch, a Toshiba
>T1200XE with a dead backlight. Any idea where I might
>be able to find parts?
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