Removing Grease Pencil Marks On Books

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:32:00 2003

 I'm not sure if this will work for grease pencils but
you might give this a try. Get a can of brake-clean from
the auto parts store. Place the page on a paper towel such
that the marked side is against the towel. Spray some
brake-clean, starting in a circular motion from outside of the
mark to the center. Remove from the towel before it dries.
Repeat with clean towel as needed.
 I'd advise checking on some material that is similar first.
As I recall, I used this method on something like a sharpie
mark once. Use out side. Brake-clean will give you a real
bad hangover. It is mostly solvents and dry cleaning fluid.

>From: "Kevin Handy" <>
>Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, M Jones wrote:
>>>I have been looking for a solution to the problem of removing grease
>>>pencil marks on books. I noticed that some time back, someone posted
>>>this question. I do not know if an answer was ever given. I have the
>>>same question. I have several books that have been priced with a black
>>>grease pencil (on the front cover as well as inside the opening pages).
>>>Does anyone know how this can be removed without causing damage to the
>>I hate these stupid thrift stores that do that. Retards.
>>Anyway, I never figured out a good way, short of using lots of eraser
>>heads. It usually leaves a big blotch, but sometimes I can effectively
>>erase the grease pencil.
>>I know of no other way currently.
>To remove regular pencil marks, you want as a minimum a soft eraser,
>like the Staedtler 52825 or the Pentel ZER2BP-K6. These are
>about 4 inches long and usually bought with a holder. They don't
>tear up the paper like those used on most pencils, and last a considerable
>bit longer.
>It depends on how hard it was written, and on the paper,
>but going over it lightly usually greatly reduces the darkness,
>or may entirely remove it.
>Using chemicals would probably cause as noticable a mark
>as the pencil marks make (especially if the pages are yellowed).
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