Removing Grease Pencil Marks On Books

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:38:00 2003

On Aug 11, 15:03, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, M Jones wrote:
> > I have been looking for a solution to the problem of removing
> > pencil marks on books. I noticed that some time back, someone
> > this question. I do not know if an answer was ever given.

> I hate these stupid thrift stores that do that. Retards.
> Anyway, I never figured out a good way, short of using lots of eraser
> heads. It usually leaves a big blotch, but sometimes I can
> erase the grease pencil.

Since it's essentially coloured wax, I wonder if the technique used to
remove wax (candle wax, usually) from clothing might work? It's
basically a case of ironing a sheet of brown (wrapping) paper over the
wax. Paper-on-paper probably won't work as well as paper-on-cloth, so
I'd try it on something unimportant first!

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