Available IBM 5360

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Aug 13 09:04:00 2003

hrmmmm I can't seem to find a 5360 picture around. Anyone have a link to a
picture of such a machine?

BTW - here's one for the "aw sh*t" category - I was making a presentation to a
prospect yesterday for colocation, and happened to ask them what kind of
machine they had before their current AS400, and if they still had it. They
told me they had an IBM 370. My eyes lit up, and then they said it was
scrapped about two months ago (they did the shredding/melting themselves).

The only IBM machines I'd normally consider are a System 3, or a 360/70.

Speaking of which, what kind of IBM machines could I reasonably acquire that
are vintage and would run VM/CMS? I'm looking for something perhaps not quite
as big as a 4331, but certainly not something tiny like an RT form factor.
Heck, maybe I should look for a 4331. Hummmm.

Jay West
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  Folks --

  I need to part with my private collection's biggest (and boy is this thing
  big) Albatros. I have 5360 with two tape drives, two printers and the
  expansion cabinet. I've never attempted to power the thing up, but they
  tell me it was working when retired. It's currently located outside of
  Hartford, CT. Any takers?

  Colin Eby
  offline address : ceby2_at_csc.com
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