Available IBM 5360

From: Bob Brown <bbrown_at_harper.cc.il.us>
Date: Wed Aug 13 11:31:15 2003

How about a P370? It will run 370-mode IBM O/S's (VSE/MVS/VM..if
you can get a copy of the s/w --- that's the tough part).
(and it's much smaller and less power hungry than a 4331.).


>hrmmmm I can't seem to find a 5360 picture around. Anyone have a link to a
>picture of such a machine?
>BTW - here's one for the "aw sh*t" category - I was making a presentation to a
>prospect yesterday for colocation, and happened to ask them what kind of
>machine they had before their current AS400, and if they still had it. They
>told me they had an IBM 370. My eyes lit up, and then they said it was
>scrapped about two months ago (they did the shredding/melting themselves).
>The only IBM machines I'd normally consider are a System 3, or a 360/70.
>Speaking of which, what kind of IBM machines could I reasonably acquire that
>are vintage and would run VM/CMS? I'm looking for something perhaps not quite
>as big as a 4331, but certainly not something tiny like an RT form factor.
>Heck, maybe I should look for a 4331. Hummmm.
>Jay West
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> Folks --
> I need to part with my private collection's biggest (and boy is this thing
> big) Albatros. I have 5360 with two tape drives, two printers and the
> expansion cabinet. I've never attempted to power the thing up, but they
> tell me it was working when retired. It's currently located outside of
> Hartford, CT. Any takers?
> Colin Eby
> offline address : ceby2_at_csc.com

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