FA: Altera PLD programmer, Motorola HYPERmodules and IBM PC Professional Debug

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Fri Aug 15 18:48:00 2003

On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, ben franchuk wrote:
> Did anybody ever run just BASIC from Rom, no DOS at all.
The PC was available without drives $1320 with 16K RAM
and "cassette BASIC" was necessary for troubleshooting when the drives
didn't work.

> Did they ever sell PC's with just single sided drives?
Did Apple ever sell ]['s before the ][e?
August 1981, the IBM PC was released. PC-DOS 1.00. Single sided drives.

Half a year later, they came out with PC-DOS 1.10, and started supporting
double sided drives.
Why do people who didn't get into it until later keep insisting that IBM
did not sell any machines during the first six months of the PC?
Do you have any idea how many PCs IBM sold in the first six months?

Yes, there was a PC-DOS 1.00
Yes, there were single sided drives
Yes, they sucked

> Lets face it the only thing
> good at that time on it was the keyboard and mono-display and warranty.
> Ben.
What's SO good about that display? ($300 for board, $300 for monitor)
At least they also sold the CGA, which could be used with a "normal"
composite monitor.

Warranty ?????!!!!!!!???
What for?
I didn't void my warranty for 72 hours.
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