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Date: Sun Aug 17 06:06:00 2003

I think thanks should be passed all around, especially for Jay. We have
an invaluable resource here that needs all the financial help and time we
can give it.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO

> Greetings!


> In addition, because SO many people were very generous with donations (and
> one person was very VERY generous), I was able to upgrade the RAM in the
> system to 1gb - as WELL as upgrade the cpu from 667mhz to 1.2ghz. Those
> two
> hardware upgrades were put in place late this afternoon. I chipped in
> about
> $25 bucks myself to cover the balance.
> I will let the list know when I get ready to move the new OS drive into
> place. There will definitely be a short downtime, followed by (likely) a
> few
> days or so of things going squirrely as I find the things I missed :)
> Regards,
> Jay West
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