PDP-8/L power supply prints and "reforming" capacitors

From: Philippe Sonnet <sonnet_at_sols.ucl.ac.be>
Date: Sun Aug 17 06:46:00 2003


I am facing some problems with the power supply of my DEC PDP-8/L : the
voltages are not according to the Maintenance Handbook. Having the prints
for the PDP-8/L power supply would greatly help me. Does anyone have them ?
The flip chip attached to it has the reference G785. It is the same power
supply as the one for the BA08A or BM8L expansion boxes.
Also, does anyone have experience in "reforming" catalytic capacitors for
the PDP-8/L power supply. Is it necessary to do it ? What are the possible
dammage if the "reforming" step is not executed.

Philippe Sonnet
Received on Sun Aug 17 2003 - 06:46:00 BST

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