Basement sale, take two

From: Ian Primus <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 21:22:00 2003

First of all, apologies to those who wanted something the first time
around, I kinda dropped off the face of the 'net there for a while.
This was my own dumb fault. The first time I tried the basement sale, I
did it at a very bad time for me, in that I couldn't fulfill requests
and get things out to people. That and some technical problems (read:
forgot to make new backups of email before wiping hard drive) that
caused me to lose a lot of my email didn't help matters. I finally have
some time to write up a list, as well as fulfill requests. So, once
again, apologies all around, and I _will_ keep things straight this
time around.

NOTE: All prices are just a suggestion, feel free to make an offer.
Buyer to pay actual shipping charges from ZIP 12309

DEC VT220 Terminals - I have a lot of these, with green, white and
amber picture tubes. They are in good working order, but were used in a
school for a while and are somewhat yellowed, and have had most of the
old markings cleaned off. Some have light screen burn. I have cleaned
and tested them, and they work well. Includes keyboard. - $15

DEC LK-201 Keyboards - These were used in a school for a time, and have
had the old markings cleaned off. All keys are present and accounted
for, and they have been cleaned and tested. - $5

Macintosh ADB keyboards - I have lots of these and lots of different
models, if you want a specific model, just ask; I probably have it.
I'll also include a cable - $3

Macintosh ADB mice - $1

Macintosh ADB cables - 50 cents

Apple IIgs keyboards - $3

Apple Disk II disk drives - $5

Apple UniDisk 5.25 drives, both beige and platinum colored - $3

Apple 800k external 3 1/2" floppy drives - $5

Apple IIe computers, both regular and extended models - $6

Apple IIgs computers, both ROM 1 and ROM 3 models. Includes keyboard
and mouse - $8

Macintosh Plus computer, 4mb RAM, with keyboard and mouse - $10

Macintosh SE computer, 4mb RAM, 40 meg hard drive, with keyboard and
mouse - $10

Macintosh LC II and III computers, no keyboard or mouse - $3

Apple RGB Color monitor for Apple IIgs computers - $10

Apple monochrome green composite monitor for Apple II computers (the
one with the tilt screen) - $6

Computer power cords - 25 cents

40 megabyte SCSI hard drives - $2

80 megabyte SCSI hard drives - $3

Other stuff: Make offer.

PC/XT Parts - I have a couple really sad looking XT's that are going
out, let me know if you need parts, or if you want the whole thing,
rusted case and all.

Macintosh computer parts - I have drives and boards for many old
Macintosh computers, if you are looking for something, let me know and
I'll see if I have it.

PC Clone parts - I have disk drives, power supplies, motherboards, ISA
cards, etc. from various PC clones from 8088's up to Pentium 1's. I
also have some a pile of no-name clones from 386's to Pentium 1's that
I am parting out. Let me know if you are looking for something.

Apple IIe and IIgs parts. I have parts, boards and peripherals for
Apple II computers. Let me know what you are looking for.

Monitors - I have a surplus of old computer monitors, mostly old
monochrome composite monitors, Macintosh monitors, and old VGA monitors.

Printers - Dot matrix printers for Commodore 64, dot-matrix printers
for PC parallel ports, HP Deskjet and Deskwriter printers, and Apple
StyleWriter printers.

I also have an old Selectric typewriter (IIRC a Selectric II). The
cable on the type ball assembly appears to be broken or loose, as it
doesn't move predictably, or always in the right direction. I don't
know if any of the parts are useful to anyone for older IBM printing

Everything that needs a power cord comes with one. In fact, even if it
doesn't need one it'll probably come with one. I have like three boxes
of them.

Ian Primus
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