Basement sale, take two

From: peter tremewen <>
Date: Tue Aug 19 00:12:00 2003

Why are all the truely interesting auctions in the states??? ;-)

> First of all, apologies to those who wanted something the first time
> around, I kinda dropped off the face of the 'net there for a while.
> This was my own dumb fault. The first time I tried the basement sale, I
> did it at a very bad time for me, in that I couldn't fulfill requests
> and get things out to people. That and some technical problems (read:
> forgot to make new backups of email before wiping hard drive) that
> caused me to lose a lot of my email didn't help matters. I finally have
> some time to write up a list, as well as fulfill requests. So, once
> again, apologies all around, and I _will_ keep things straight this
> time around.
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