Article Reference: Linux -- The New CP/M

From: jim stephens <>
Date: Tue Aug 19 15:12:58 2003

Microsoft wins because of the thing he mentioned about
development support. They support developers.

Developers love Linux and support it, but it is a pain
to develop for Linux compared to microsoft.

The business case he makes about absorbing and running
microsoft applications is probably right too, but I
doubt that Microsoft will allow it to happen. There
too many "no reverse engineer" minefields in the EULA
now to allow it to happen anyway.

As he said, rolling out thousands of units during the
implementation of a massive application needs really
support and tools.

I don't think that the fact that everyone can roll
their own development is necessarily a plus for Linux.

Having the mass that an IBM or Microsoft lends with
their market position to making it possible to have a
single product from top to bottom to use is way
than the current Linux way. You have Redhat and SUSE,
but they still have the problem that if you make a
commercial Linux App you have to have a RH7.1 RH7.2
RH8 and RH9 all with different nuances (and not minor
ones) to support the market, where with Microsoft you
usually need only one, or can buy a package to handle
the differences from someone.
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