Article Reference: Linux -- The New CP/M

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Wed Aug 20 01:47:30 2003

Quothe jim stephens, from writings of Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 06:12:10PM -0700:
> Microsoft wins because of the thing he mentioned about
> development support. They support developers.

Wrong. It appears that the only way that Micro$oft wins anything is
by cheating and bribing, which is why so many politicians in the U.S.
appear to like Micro$oft. No amount of "development support" from
Micro$oft can make up for having products that suck and crash; it's
only because of their putrid products that they need to provide such
support; it's called "marketing gimmickry."

> Developers love Linux and support it, but it is a pain
> to develop for Linux compared to microsoft.

Firstly, Linux isn't the only viable UNIX-like, open-source,
alternative to Micro$oft; take FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD, for
example. Anyway, any programmer with a reasonable number of
adequately functioning brain cells should need no support other than
source code. Those who whine about having to create software for
Linux or *BSD, and prefer Windoze because of "better support," aren't
real programmers to begin with. I don't use the word "developers,"
because it's a word shared with the nature hating and land-destroying
scum who also call themselves (land) "developers."

> The business case he makes about absorbing and running
> microsoft applications is probably right too, but I
> doubt that Microsoft will allow it to happen. There
> are
> too many "no reverse engineer" minefields in the EULA
> now to allow it to happen anyway.

If one can't reverse engineer something and modify it as needed,
what's the point in having it to begin with?

> As he said, rolling out thousands of units during the
> implementation of a massive application needs really
> solid
> support and tools.

No, it needs programmers with enough adequately functioning
brain cells, but I digress, that's something that biz'droids
aren't usually capable of understanding.

> I don't think that the fact that everyone can roll
> their own development is necessarily a plus for Linux.

Why not? Oh, you mean because companies like Micro$oft lose money
because of that?

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