Fw: [Heathkit] Old stuff has to go

From: danjr <danjr_at_voyager.net>
Date: Wed Aug 20 01:47:49 2003

I picked this up off another list I am on.
I thought I would pass it on ...


> From: Pat Swayne <me_at_patswayne.com>
> To: heathkit_at_mailman.qth.net
> Subject: [Heathkit] Old stuff has to go
> Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 11:27 AM
> I'm cleaning up an old house for sale. I have several old Heathkit Items
> that I will give to any one who will provide transportation for them.
> include:
> An H/Z-100 all-in-one computer with numerous modifications (if you
> me from the REMark days, you know I came up with a lot of mods for that
> machine. It has a Syquest 10 meg removable media hard disk in it, and I
> also have a fixed hard disk I will throw in, and a complete
> technical/service manual with schematics. It was working when last used,
> but that was years ago. Several Syquest cartridges with unknown content
> will be included. I also have AutoCad for this machine, and will throw
> in, too.
> A complete ID-5001 (I think) Weather computer -- complete except for the
> base unit cabinet. Otherwise, it has all cables, sensors, etc. Working
> condition unknown, but it's assembled.
> Many 5.25" disks for anything from H8 ranging to PC, containing HUG
> software, REMark articles, etc.
> I live in the Atlanta area, and you can arrange to pick these up by
> emailing me. I might be persuaded to ship these if you send enough money
> cover the shipping, boxing, etc. I will be away from home Oct 21-23.
> -- Pat Swayne
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