From: SP <spedraja_at_ono.com>
Date: Wed Aug 20 01:47:56 2003

Hello everybody.

I am trying to obtain one copy of CP/NET or MPM/NET. In .dsk format
suitable to be used with SIMH simulators. I am trying to run a copy
in www.cpm.z80.de and even another (that is finally the same)
in www.retroarchive.org with bad luck. Both are incomplete until I can
understand. In fact, I can't locate two binaries, MAIL.COM and

In the good side, I could generate the NETWRKIF.RSP file using the
in the CP/NET manual.

This manual tells that I need this three files to integrate them inside the
nucleus with GENSYS.

Of course, this is only a first step. If all goes well we couldn't have yet
one CP/NET
working environment. Here is where I'm lost. What kind of "network" devices
used CP/NET ? In the manual comes one example to customize one SNIOS.RSP
in the cliente to use one Serial Port, but I assume the existence of others.
I think it would be great to allow the simulation of one MP/M-CP/NET-CP/M
network with a couple (or more) of SIMH AltairZ80's running at same time.


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