From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Aug 25 17:28:00 2003

--- Don Maslin <> wrote:
> My recent acquisitions seem to have fallen into the category of
> handheld calculators and are as follows:
> Casio fx7000G - Seems to be the first graphics handheld, and was
> introduced in 1985 at 70 UK pounds. Operates on three 2032
> lithium cells. No external power offered.

ISTR that those were standard equipment in schools around 1990 (for A-level
courses). They were quite good machines, but pretty slow. Someone wrote a
Mandelbrot program for them; it would take several hours to render and almost
exhaust a set of batteries.

I've still got a 7700 which IIRC was the 7000's bigger brother. Still works and
gets used quite often, although I run it off a 9V alkaline battery (not sure
what prices are like elsewhere, but those 2032 lithium batteries are horribly
expensive over here)



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