From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Aug 25 15:26:00 2003

My recent acquisitions seem to have fallen into the category of
handheld calculators and are as follows:

Corvus 411 - Introduced in 1974 at $49.95. It operates on four
ni-cad AA cells and/or a 6VDC 100ma (shell +) wall wart, which I
do not have, but can obtain a compatible one.

Casio fx7000G - Seems to be the first graphics handheld, and was
introduced in 1985 at 70 UK pounds. Operates on three 2032
lithium cells. No external power offered.

HP41C - Introduced in 1979 at $295. It operates on four N cells.
A ni-cad power option and external charging source was offered
which this unit does not have. It is the basic 41C with no
modules and lacks the cover plate and leather case.

Each of these units is operating and the displays are clear and

I will entertain offers for these units, either individually or as
a package, until 5 September when I will determine who gets what -
if any.

There is a fair amount of information available via google search.
I'll try to answer questions about these particular units, but
claim no special expertise in the calculator field.

                                                - don
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